Twitter Art Exhibit #TAE22

Delighted to support this years Twitter Art Exhibit #TAE22 with these two postcard-sized paintings (see them below). 🙂 The Twitter exhibition is held in York this year. All the proceeds from the sale will go to The Encephalitis Society. The charity is doing vital work … Continue readingTwitter Art Exhibit #TAE22


Hello and welcome to all new and existing (fab) followers! (hello!) 🥰 It’s lovely to have you all here. 🙃  For those who don’t know me, I’m Oz, a local artist based in Southeast London in the UK. I grew up in Hackney and Istanbul and studied in … Continue readingHello!

What is the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Did someone say gift vouchers? Finding a gift that stands out from a sea of fab products can be a challenge. I often find myself walking from aisles to aisles, from website to website looking for a- ‘that’s perfect!’ -moment. My favourite finds often speak … Continue readingWhat is the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Advent day 2

It’s advent day 2! Let me introduce you to the fabulous Storyteller. It’s a blend of plein air painting and studio work. I incorporated abstract expressionism to bring an element of mystery and curiosity. Painted onsite at Lesnes Abbey, it was the perfect setting for … Continue readingAdvent day 2

Exhibition Preparations: THE TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS

As summer languished to a close, autumn sprung opportunities to display my artwork (Parallax Art Fair, Snug Art Cafe & SMAG ART Exhibition). Exhibition preparations looming ahead, you’d think I would be a pro at exhibiting my work by now, what with my arts degree … Continue readingExhibition Preparations: THE TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS


Hey, it’s me. Yes, my blogging adventures might seem a little amis on here, but I have been busy updating my website (have you seen all the updates?) as well as preparing for exhibitions. I have lots of exciting news to share and so today, … Continue readingBLACK FRIDAY VS BUY BACK FRIDAY