Hello and welcome to all new and existing (fab) followers! (hello!) 🥰 It’s lovely to have you all here. 🙃  For those who don’t know me, I’m Oz, a local artist based in Southeast London in the UK. I grew up in Hackney and Istanbul and studied in … Continue readingHello!

What is the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Did someone say gift vouchers? Finding a gift that stands out from a sea of fab products can be a challenge. I often find myself walking from aisles to aisles, from website to website looking for a- ‘that’s perfect!’ -moment. My favourite finds often speak … Continue readingWhat is the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Advent day 2

It’s advent day 2! Let me introduce you to the fabulous Storyteller. It’s a blend of plein air painting and studio work. I incorporated abstract expressionism to bring an element of mystery and curiosity. Painted onsite at Lesnes Abbey, it was the perfect setting for … Continue readingAdvent day 2

Rainbow Forest & National Tree Week

It’s National Tree Week and to mark this special occasion, I want to talk about trees. More specifically the trees I’ve brought into my art. Today let’s meet Rainbow Forest. Rainbow Forest is a commission I completed for Phil Ivens, the photographer. He approached me … Continue readingRainbow Forest & National Tree Week

Exhibition Preparations: THE TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS

As summer languished to a close, autumn sprung opportunities to display my artwork (Parallax Art Fair, Snug Art Cafe & SMAG ART Exhibition). Exhibition preparations looming ahead, you’d think I would be a pro at exhibiting my work by now, what with my arts degree … Continue readingExhibition Preparations: THE TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS

Top Tip or Artist Hack

I’m participating in a 30 day challenge (August for Artists) devised by thatblonde.art, and it’s day 21 (to catch-up on the earlier posts, check out my instagram page). My top tip is also my vision statement, which I wanted to share with you too. Keep … Continue readingTop Tip or Artist Hack


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This Summer – Treat yourself or a loved one to unique art. 🙂 Imagine bright, vibrant artworks or fine art giclèe prints hanging on your wall. Or peruse the gifts section in the shop for something uplifting and fun. Use voucher code: TREAT*20*! at the … Continue readingSUMMER SALE THIS SUNDAY

This is for you

A blossom petal flew onto the kitchen windowsill as I type, to say ‘hello’ and welcome back creativity… When things go astray, there’s moments where light leads the way for something new. This is such an occasion. Which leads me to the confusion I might … Continue readingThis is for you