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I am currently exploring connecting to energies and creating an artwork from the experience and encounter I have with the sitters energy. Using my intuition as a guide, I create energetic portraits, your inner world - be one of the first to own a unique portrait of you!

Check out the portrait below, this came to life after connecting with my aunt's energy. Curious to explore your inner world?

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    yikici' STORY

    Creative at heart, YIKICI is a place to escape to; a place to seek adventure into unknown terrain. It's a world where imagination is driven by energetic pen-work and bold brushstrokes. Vibrant colours and brooding tones swirl through doodles, creating invigorating artwork from intuitive beginnings.

    Going beyond the restrictions of rules, YIKICI has always been curious to create art through emotive endevours. Not bound by what's deemed the only path. These unique portraits, offering a different insight to how the artist sees their sitter, is such exploration. Care to discover your inner world?


    Creative HeART