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Hey, it’s me. Yes, my blogging adventures might seem a little amis on here, but I have been busy updating my website (have you seen all the updates?) as well as preparing for exhibitions. I have lots of exciting news to share and so today, I’m starting with my adventures with Black Friday and another trend on the rise – Buy Back Friday!

Buy Back Friday

Yes, that’s right, Buy Back Friday. I stumbled across it as I was scrolling through my instagram feed and a fellow artist (Charley Hellier – checkout her work on instagram, it’s fabulous!), posted all about this in this article. Stuart Semple of Culture Hustle decided to support artists and small businesses by buying artwork instead of doing the Black Friday Sale thing. So Buy Back Friday was born. Loving the ‘avante garde’ nature of this, I submitted two of my artworks. One artwork symbolises the start of my art journey, Earthquake 1, the other symbolises the point of which I find myself now, Ethereal City. See them below!

Black Friday

Naturally that led me onto Black Friday. I must admit, choosing which items to put on sale has been a mammoth of a task. Should I include some art which I’ve grown partially attached to? Those which I want to keep for a while longer..? I know, those dilemmas are excruciating – but I did it. Yes, I did it! I bit the bullet and added some of my favourite (I don’t want to part with) artworks just for you – so you can enjoy them as much as me. Yes, I’m nice like that. :p

Have a looksee…

And here we are.

To see everything in the Black Friday Sale, hurry onto the shop. And treat yourself or someone special with a fun and vibrant artwork from moi! 🙂

Enjoy unto 50% off selected artworks and fine art prints. For a cheeky 10% more and for a chance to win a giclèe print worth £42.00 sign up to my newsletter. 😉

Which do you prefer? Buy Back Friday or Black Friday? I’d love to hear your thoughts! In my next post, I will give you all the behind the scene goss and panic on my exhibition preparations. Plus, of course, the exhibitions I’m taking part in. Speak with you then! 🙂


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