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This Summer – Treat yourself or a loved one to unique art. 🙂

Imagine bright, vibrant artworks or fine art giclèe prints hanging on your wall. Or peruse the gifts section in the shop for something uplifting and fun.

Use voucher code: TREAT*20*! at the checkout for a 20% discount.

If you’re looking for a cheeky 10% more then sign up to my newsletter and I’ll ping you a voucher code for 30% off! (Yes, I know – I’m spoiling you. 🙃)

Sale starts this Sunday and continues to late September. Don’t miss out!

Save the date! Share this with anyone who loves colourful art.

Pssst! If you’d like a unique portrait of your inner world, you can reserve a place through this link. Unsure? Why not read Andrea’s experience to find out more.

Give the gift of art. All products are available in the shop. Shop now!

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