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First Draft: Becoming - Mystical Realisations

12,666 of 50,000 Words (24%) complete

First Draft: Moon of Change

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Voice Week (Day Five) ~ Rose Tinted Glasses

I replace the receiver back on the phone and sink my back into the cushions resting on the wooden chair; I tilt my head backwards and smile, this is perfect, too perfect, things are actually going to turnout ok…finally I have the perfect reason to leave, no guilt to harbour, our vows, now rendered redundant, but I do not care…I haven’t for a long while, I only agreed to it for Tom’s sake..and he does this, how ironic…

Smiling, I twist the gold band around my finger one last time and remove it, placing it on the oak desk, untying mine and Tom’s bond.  I am free, free to move on with my life without Tom…now I can openly be with Ben, guilt-free.

Click on image to view source.

*Written for Voice Week 2013.

Haşema Tesettür Mayo

Nehar Tesettür Mayo

Voice Week (Day Four) ~ Rose Tinted Glasses

The phone rings at the same time, each day, every day…I daren’t answer it, so I do not…I just watch it light-up with each buzz.  The news is rarely good, I’ve seen it in my dreams…so I do not answer, just watch it each and every day, hoping for its silence.

Subconsciously I go to twist the gold band on my ring finger -except it’s not there, I look down at my hand, diverting my eyes from the phone; an indentation of the ring screams stark realisations to me…it also explains Tom’s cold cup of coffee each morning and the dinner he never eats.  It makes sense, but it does not…
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Voice Week (Day Three) ~ Rose Tinted Glasses

Warning:  Strong language used, please read with caution.  16+). 

It’s been hours since…the phone on the oak desk smiles smugly at me, willing me -no, taunting me to make the call, but I shan’t, I shouldn’t listen to those thoughts, Tom said I mustn’t, that they do not speak the truth, that they lie…but he lied too…he lied when renewing our vows, so why should I believe him -and her 
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Voice Week (Day Two) ~ Rose Tinted Glasses

I slam the receiver onto the phone, the oak desk underneath creaks in response -how could he?  How dare he -and with her -of all the people, Clara my sister,  my blood -how could they?  I punch with my bare fists onto the desk and recoil (flinching) then punch again and again, my knuckles red raw.  
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Voice Week (Day One) ~ Rose Tinted Glasses

I wrung my head onto the receiver and let my tears tumble carelessly down my cheeks…this could not be happening to me, not now, not after…no it just couldn’t…just last month we had renewed our vows…just last month…
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Inked Exit

Disclaimer: Possibly disturbing content. 16/18+ cautionary reading advised.

Image sourced from:

I’m inked.
Designed to reaffirm my thoughts,
Of a beauty, that you’re naught inclined to believe,
Don’t think.
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OctPoWriMo (Day 20) – A Love Letter

Written for day 20 of OctPoWriMo; today’s challenge: to write a love letter (from an unlikely pair) or write a poem in the form of Rictameter.  Initially, I could not come up with an unlikely pair to write about, therefore, I took on the Rictameter challenge, and that inspired me to write the love letter (I hope it works). lol -As for the additional challenge Morgan (oh my goodness (I hate not stepping up to the mark); but I’m awfully camera shy, so I’ve done a voice recording, which is equally embarrassing for me, please accept my apologies from now) –it’s my compromise, I do hope I do not get penalised. 😛

*To listen to the voice recording of ‘Enlightenment through the Dark’ please on the play button above or below (whichever works), otherwise, click onto the more tab to read my attempts at today’s prompts (this is for readers reading this from the main blog page and not using a direct link).

(To read ‘Enlightenment through the Dark’, please follow this link.)


The Candles’ Spell


Shivering cold

Dancing against shadows

Pirouetting to hearts of stone;

Playfully toying and igniting sparks

These stoned hearts, never danced apart.
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OctPoWriMo (Day 14) – Silence

Day fourteen and surprisingly, today’s OctPoWriMo’s prompt is ’silence’, (I’m fortunate today’s a quiet day for me), so here you are…this is what the prompt encouraged me to write, I do hope you enjoy the read.

A Bewitching Silence

Calm comes with its sparkle

Serenity smoothing daily blare

-Its’ golden twinkle focusing on my view

My vision;


Its’ glitter reaching into depths

Depths of a soul

Awakened to see,

to feel,

to hear.

My eyes closed,

Yet opened to a glory I’ve not ever known.

I’m deafened in a soundless wake;
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OctPoWriMo (Day 12) – Shadows

My time is limited today, so today I’m sharing a poem I wrote a while back, I feel it is suitable for today’s prompt for OctPoWriMo (day 12), the prompt is shadows -our shadows, it’s what makes and sometimes breaks us, the important thing is to learn from our shadows and overcome them to become better individuals and also have an understanding for those people whom we surround ourselves with.

Disclaimer: The subject matter may not be suitable to all tastes; you may even classify this as a little disturbing; this is a relatively dark piece with dark thoughts.  I do not condone you to think like this -or act out any parts of this poem; this piece is just expressing an idea and is intended as an exercise in exploring the word prompt ‘shadows’.   If you are a younger reader, please avoid reading this.

I Didn’t Want To Be…
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OctPoWriMo – Day 10 (Reply Poetry)

Another day, another challenge from OctPoWriMo, todays prompt is ‘reply poetry.  What this essentially means is, we get to choose a poem we like (or have written) and add to it, answer it or simply just reply…  I’ve looked through a few poems and the one I kept coming back to was a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, so I guess the poem chose me…  This is what I came up with (see if you can spot where the second/reply poem starts ;)), hope you enjoy the read.

 Thorns in our Hearts
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OctPoWriMo – Day 9 (Lyrical Poetry)

Today’s challenge for OctPoWriMo is to write a lyrical poem, which in theory should not be difficult seeing I get a lot of people telling me my poems read like song lyrics; but actually sitting down and constructing a lyrical poem has been quite challenging; I am unsure if what I have written will be considered as a lyrical poem, as I have added a change to the flow in parts, so parts read rhythmically faster in places…however, I do hope you enjoy the poem as it is, a poem which wrote itself as I listened to some lovely calming music….

Not You or I…

It was not you or I

Just circumstances gone wry

It was not you or I

We strayed our paths, combined…

It was not you or I

Hope’s light took with it, our hearts.

It was not you or I

Standing lone


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Making Sense of Scheduling

Image linked to its’ original source.

As you all know I have been struggling with keeping to my blog schedule –I’ve changed it a few times; but it’s not turned out quite to how I’ve envisioned it to be.  External factors (laptop problems & internet connection issues) and internal factors (my anxiety & bouts of low moods) have stepped in and hindered me somewhat –it’s been pretty depleting and has made me feel like quite a failure (which I know I am not) –therefore, I REALLY hate it.  For this reason I’ve come up with a cunning plan which will hopefully allow me to breathe and have fun with creating fun, thought-provoking and creative articles again –all with an element of surprise.  I’m DITCHING the pace of the schedule, what this essentially means is I will post articles when they are ready and not to a predefined schedule.  I am hoping this will help with lessening the anxiety I put on myself as I normally focus on trying to finish an article on time and then post it when I feel it’s not ready and needs more work.  By taking out the time-constraints I hope to not feel pressurised and in turn be more forthcoming with my article.  The only aspect of the schedule I will be keeping to is the themes.  This means when an article is ready for posting I will schedule it to be published on the relevant themed day. –so when you see a post on a Monday you will know is a Meandering Muse, Tuesdays will be challenge orientated and Flash Fictions, etc…I’m sure you get the idea.
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Savvy Salutations’ to…ermm…the Tagged Person

I’ve been tagged -where have you heard that before -the school playground?  Well, sure -that was like ages ago. 😉 What I meant was that I have been tagged twice (yep you heard correctly, TWICE) in the blogging community, by two fellow writers (Vikki & Jennifer Baker)  who are part of the Fourth Writer’ Platform-Building Campaign.  What does this entail?  Apparently a Q & A session with yours truly (how lucky you are :P).  There’s 2 x 11 set of questions by the above interrogateors -I mean interviewers; I thought (as much as I love answering questions) I’d whittle it down to the usual 11 questions we have here as part of Savvy Salutations.  I hear that sigh of relief! *darts a look full of disbelief* Anyhoo, before we go on to the questions, I wanted to share an inspirational song by Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten (above); this is for the fab ROW80 & WPBC posse as well as anyone else who wants to be inspired.

I am unwritten, can’t read my mind, I’m undefined
I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin…

Natasha Bedingfield sings (full lyrics can be found here); I think these words are perfect for what we are striving to achieve, capturing the images and senses in our stories and transferring it into words which someone would hopefully take pleasure in reading one day. 😀 To catch up on my ROW80 progress click here, to continue with the questions I have been tagged into please read on.
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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Sean Keefer

Hellooooo there!  Isn’t it just a glorious day today?  You are in for a treat today, there’s a book review of The Trust written by yours truly and following this I get to interview the fab Sean Keefer (author) too!

Book Review: The Trust

Being my very first book review I thought I’d honour it by reviewing a novel which I happened to stumble across through Twitter* (another first for me at the time; so I thought I’d combine the two first experiences here and share it with you).  The book in question is The Trust; a pleasant surprise and the author is Sean Keefer; a rather friendly, engaging author-type-lawyer person.
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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Sonia G. Medeiros

Hellooooo there!  This is super blogger number three. 🙂 Please welcome Sonia G. Medeiros to the spotlight *cheers* I am particular honored to have Sonia along -as she, like Billie Jo Woods, is one of my ‘flash fiction buddies’ and she also likes tormenting herself by combining millions of challenges together!  Anyhooo, this is not ‘me-time’ for me (of course I’m not taking away Sonia’ limelight!); so, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Sonia! 😀

I’d like you to meet my inner critic, Agent 36. I wrote this the third month I’d been blogging after a particularly long, bloody struggle with Agent 36. I like to reread it often because it reminds me that, although the inner critic can look so very official, he’s really just a sneaky demon.


Agent 36, Inner Critic Extraordinaire

by Sonia G. Medeiros


Image sourced from:

The inner critic.
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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Billie Jo Woods

Hellooooo there!  Welcome to 2012’s very first Savvy Sunday Salutations’!  Before I disappeared and took that rather long break away, we had resident blogger (and good friend) Patrick Tulley take the spotlight ( click on the link for his interesting article ‘Male Power isn’t All it’s Cracked up to be‘).   Now, we are in a new year, I thought it would be perfect to start Savvy Sunday Salutations with one of my very first author/blogging buddies: Billie Jo Woods.  Please give a special and warm welcome to Billie Jo.  *stands up and applauds*

Fear – A Writer’s Best Friend

by Billie Jo Woods


Image sourced from:

Fear is one of the most powerful tools in a writer’s shed. On my blog I post a weekly spot dedicated to phobias of things that humans fear the most. I do this because these fears make great material for writers to use within their plots and are brilliant for character development. That is one way of a writer using fear as a powerful tool. Today I am going to point out another way writers can use fear to their advantage but I would like to first thank Ozlem Yikici for having me as a guest blogger today.

When we fear something, it is usually because we need to develop more understanding of it or gain more experience dealing with it. If something is new to us or strange to us, our minds fill in the gap for the missing information. We do this by basing our assumptions on past experiences we deem as similar to the situation we fear. The problem is sometimes these assumptions are wrong.
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Recycling -but not as you know it…

Monday’s Meandering Muse: 

A fabulous hello to you all -my lovely readers.  I am sat in front of my laptop, typing away whilst sipping a hot mug of Chinese tea (jasmine tea to some of you); you can say I’m multi-tasking if you like.  I call it just being comfortable with the addition of being in a great mood to write (therefore, I cannot guarantee what length this post will be, so let’s see together).

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

Out with the Old and in with the New(ish)

Image sourced from:

I have been in talks with a few writers and bloggers and it seems, at times, there’s moments of ‘blankness’ -nope I am not calling it writers’ block. We, writers fall under the assumption that we suffer from that curse , but I assure you, there’s no such thing -it’s all in the mind -really and truly; we just hide behind it when we are not 100% and can’t get into writing.  Let me give you an example, since blogging, I have had to think of different topics to  discuss and share with you; there have been times when I have sat in front of my laptop and thought ‘I cannot think of what to write,‘ 9 out of 10 times that was caused because of my low moods -not my inability to find a topic to discuss.  Therefore, I am certain that all writers’ suffer from a similar bout of ‘blankness’.

Enough said now where was I?  Oh yes, so I was pondering, as I always do; thinking what suggestions I could come up with then it hit me in the face (no not literally silly!); when I was clearing out that box (you know the box where I found my old dissertation; see yesterdays post), I stumbled across all my assignments and course notes.  You thinking what I am thinking?  Yep, exactly, it’s a perfect place to start from; I agree, it’s old and maybe it needs redrafting -you probably write better now too, but essentially it will give you ideas which you can work on, develop further and, the most important aspect of it is, you can share it with us; make it into something new(ish). 🙂  From Turner’s dissertation alone I came up with an idea of ‘Lessons from Turner’ and I am thinking of developing that into a short series, as there are many more insights from him that I would like to share with you.  I can even see ways of adapting his methods in to the writing world; so keep your eyes out for that.  For those who have not been to University, don’t fret, look through your school/college/short course notes -or even things you have researched for work, etc -you get the idea, recycle what you have learnt; think of it as the three R’s:  Re-learn, re-write, recycle -oh, don’t forget to share your newfound inspiration with us 🙂

My Questions to You

Where do you get your inspirations?  How would you revive old news?  Any tips you would like to share with us?

This post has been short, sweet and to the point 🙂 My next post will be on Wednesday (a ROW80 update –hopefully I will have WIP word counts to share *excited*), I will also post you details of the stories I’m working on over at DiRosaYikici; until then have fun, stay safe and smile always.  The world is as good as you make it, so live life to its potential and cherish every moment.

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word’.


Pdf document:   Recycling -but not as you know it…

If there is a topic you would like me to look into and explore in my own yikici-kind-of-way then please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment box below or for those of you who are a wee bit shy drop me a line via my contact page or email me at

Care to join me for some collaborative work or want to be a guest blogger?  If so, email me at the above address.

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Kız Çocuk Mayo

yikici… The Next Few Weeks…

Thursday’s Topical Tête-à-Tête:  

Firstly, I want to apologise for the delay of this post and it’s shortness (there is a very good and valid reason).  As some of you may already know my laptop has been out of action for a few days now and therefore, I have been unable to work on the article I was hoping to share with you today.  My laptop is still not in a working state (I have braved using my rather old slow PC *hopes it does not crash just yet*), my posts and communications are likely to be not as frequent until this problem is solved (I am working on it and hopefully there won’t be too much delay).  In the meantime I have some good news:  I have mentioned it many times before and finally I have taken action -I will be going self-hosted soon (2-3 weeks at the most); I will keep you posted when the actual change takes place (promise I will).  In the meantime I have noted that (despite exporting the whole blog content over to the new host) details of subscribers to this blog do not get transferred over (I know it is a HUGE pain!).  Therefore (if you lovely readers still want to stay updated with the posts/articles); when the switch is made (I will post details of the new website etc when the time comes) please re-subscribe.  Patience is a virtue they say, I do hope your patience with yikici is rewarded graciously on our full return when the laptop is back in force and so is the new site with its brand new host.  Whilst I am on the topic of the new blog; if you would like to share any thoughts to any changes you would like to see, now would be a good time to let me know.  I look forward to hearing from you.      

I do hope what I have written above makes sense (I have a headache and am extremely tired, please accept my apologies if it’s garbled -tell me if it is *prays its not*). 

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


If you want to share your thoughts; by all means do so:  As I always say ‘all good discussions start with just one word‘.

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Toparlayıcı Bikini

Random Thoughts A Plenty…

Monday’s Meandering Muse: 

Two weeks ago today I posted an apology; today I want to provide you with an explanation (my ethos in life is very close to honesty is the best policy -see yesterdays post and my comment in Patrick’ post Radical Honesty & Relationships for a better(ish) insight to my ethos).  Following this explanation, I plan to have a discussion on how I am finding the blogging world; what is working for me and what is not and in turn, I will be picking your brains to see how you are finding this experience as a reader and/or blogger.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

Relapse vs. Lapse

Some of you already know about the recent panic attacks I have been suffering from (I have mentioned them in various posts; you can find them under the category of Health); well, I guess it will come as no surprise that I had a mini-panic attack two weeks ago –I have to say it was a huge surprise to me!  Something rather silly triggered it off and I will not go into the details of that right here as I do not believe it will serve its full purpose here –and besides all involved are aware how I took to the situation and how I tried to deal with it.  So what aspect of it do I want to talk about?  Well, I want to talk about the two terminologies that are associated with all forms of mental disorders (be it mild or severe), lapse and relapse.  Until very recently I would not have been able to give you an accurate distinction of either, to me they both meant the same thing –or so I thought.  I soon found out that, after my panic attack two weeks ago, I have had a lapse.  What this in actual effect means is that the panic attack hindered my recovery and set me back a little on my progress to overcome this pesky disorder.  However, unlike a relapse (where you would find yourself back at square one and have to start all over again), I was able to continue from my recovery point two weeks ago (so it was a temporary setback) two weeks later (I’ve been on better form since Friday gone).  This I am chuffed to bits about; as these setbacks really try to force you to become a recluse, which I really struggled with.  Nonetheless, I still put up a fight as refused to let it take me back.  Fortunately, my friends, family, my blog and my ROW80 goals for my WIP helped me stay focused.


When stepping out into the blogging world I ummed and arrred quite a bit; I couldn’t quite decided how many blogs I wanted and if I should separate my individual interest and delegate it out to the respected blogs.  I initially started out over at blogspot –it’s a bit scatty and underdeveloped as you can see.  The themes were limiting and I was still learning and taking baby steps.  I stumbled across wordpress after getting into discussions with fellow tweeps on Twitter (mainly Emlyn Chand at Novelpublicity) and checked out all the comparisons made between blogspot and wordpress.  I crossed over to the other side muhawaahaawaaaa…  I started to get my head round the wordpress set-up and began to get carried away.  However, there was still that niggly thought in the back of my head ‘do I need more than one blog?’ –I am still at two minds with this.  I am beginning to think this is one of the main reasons I have still not started my self-hosting project (though my health and mindset that went with those moments surely did not help).

So what are my current dilemmas in all of this?  Well, I am undecided if I should have one blog/website for everything –my random thoughts, my writings, artwork, sketches, doodllz, ideas etc or should I separate what I classify as more polished and refined works/articles in like a professional blog and have another blog for sketches, doodllz, ideas; a blog for the carefree, silly me…  I come and go between those two thought processes so much so that Ian (see Self-Hosting – My Trials and Tribble-ations) believes he is off the hook in terms of helping me and pointing me in the right direction!  (You can go and ask him if you do not believe me!)

My Blog Posts vs. Readability

Another reason I am considering a second blog is because the way I write; I am partial to write in cascading thoughts –sometimes jumping from one thought to another with no rhyme or reason (well there is always reason behind it –I sometimes just like to exaggerate –it’s fun! 😛 ).  I wonder if the readability is easy for you or just a tad confusing.  In one post (take my last post) I start off with my current mindset, then I delve into explaining challenges and present you with a flash fiction story; then I update you with my ROW80 goals and finish off with what to expect in the next few days.  Is there just too much going on?  How do you digest what I write; do you find it to the point, a tad meandering, acceptable or totally confusing?  Therefore, separating the blogs as professional and personal seems feasible and sensible –then I just throw it all in the air and argue that I should not separate the two aspects of me; one blog with a working schedule will have a better visual and overall presence…  My conundrums’…always playing havoc with my mind!

Blogging & Social Media

There are many aspects to discuss here; how the two intertwine with each other, the various Social Media networks and how they work and how they will benefit you…  I am still experimenting and finding these out (I’m on Twitter , Google+ , LinkedIn , Goodreads and Facebook –I’m not very versed in most so maybe you should pop by and give me a heads-up so I understand it all better).  When I get my head around these I will share my newfound wisdom with you in a future post, until then, have fun.

My Questions to You

What do you struggle with?  How do you overcome these situations/moments?  What are your experiences with blogging?  What works what does not?  Do you find you are constantly evolving and your ideas changing from one day to the next?

As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word’.

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


Pdf document:  Random Thoughts A Plenty…

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Sporcu Mayo

Challenge Taken : St Pauls at High Tide

Saturday’s Showcase Sketches:  

I know I have been delving in some different forms of creativity lately (I have my moments) –I had some fun with them all (they helped me with the tough two weeks that have passed by); now I wanted to get back to the challenges I love taking part in.  In keeping with the yikici tradition, (you can’t expect me to not follow tradition! *stares in disbelief*) I have combined three challenges together (no need to sound surprise –I will gasp when I successfully combine like a hundred challenges together! 😛 )

If you are wondering about my ROW80 goals, I will provide an update following the details of the challenges set and of course the story below.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

The challengers and challenges are as follows:

‘For this challenge you can write in any genre you wish but your piece must include some sort of twist on the traditional fight for freedom or independence story. Perhaps your protagonist has to keep their independence or freedom hidden from others or perhaps they gain their freedom from mutant robots taking over the world, as long as it veers away from the typical independence story it should fit in with the challenge. Keep your word count under 1000 words for this one.’  The deadline is July 31st 2011.

‘This month’s challenge is to write a piece of flash fiction in 500 words or less.  The challenge is to write a story that prominently features a moon (our moon, an alien moon, whatever)…  It can be science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, etc.  It can be a myth about how the moon got into the night sky or a what the moon really is. It can be an apocalyptic tale about the moon’s demise. Whatever you like.’

Your three prompts for the next four weeks are as follows:


Image sourced from:

  • Four lines of poetry:

Tear out a page of the book and make an aeroplane.
Launch it.  For an instant it seems that you have fashioned
A shape that can outwit air, that has slipped the knot.
But no.  The earth turns, the winch tightens, it is wound in.

-Defying Gravity by Roger McGough

  • Art Movement: Mannerism and here is another explanation of Mannerism / as for the Writing Genre; I have decided to give you the artistic reign again (so ultimately it’s your choice).


This challenge was a tough one.  I pondered a lot (it was constantly in the back of my mind brewing; then yesterday a light shone –I slept on it; today something special has taken shape; I hope you enjoy all the elements I have tried to weave into the story (twisted independence, moonstuck, the painting, the poem and Mannerism) as well as the story itself).  Without further ado I present to you St Pauls at High Tide –oh before I forget, the word count is 449 (with the title it is 454).  Enjoy!



I have been anxious for some time now; the time neared slowly every day with every tidal rise of the moon; my dreams of the Venetian setting encapsulating the London landscape close to being realised.  They knew nothing of what was coming, what to expect; I began scheming, planning changes; something to upset their plans, something to make a mark, to remember, to commemorate.

I waited patiently…

The banks forceful restrictions

Pinned me down a route I had to go

No choice, no freewill but brute force

Years I followed these orders

Years I hoped secretly that it was true

I brushed against their sides

Testing, flexing, searching…

The moons pull hypnotising my every move

I still waited, dreaming, planning…

I gushed with excitement as I flowed

Bigger, grandeur in body

Brimming over my rocky prison banks

Stretching across the streets

My escape, my independence, my joy

The blue moon shone bright

The blue moon overbalanced the tides

The blue moon set me free…

…St Pauls at my feet; my dreams came alive.

That was a momentous day; they never knew what hit them; like a monsoon but with much gusto –not raining from the heavens; a tsunami breaking free, drowning the streets, overflowing into buildings, homes, washing ashore bodies –human or otherwise; a sea amongst a city; a city submerged with the sea.  They floated; I swam.  Then there was some who flew with my torrential impact; a surprise honoured by the moon; I –grateful for my release…

The imprisonment soon began; swiftly as had my freedom; the blueness of the moon faded; replaced by its normal pallor glow.  It dragged me back to the treacherous banks; the bars of my enslavement, no amount of rebellion I muster now will help my cause.  My only strength came with the blue moon and now that is fading…  I will wait, wait again for its marvel; it surely will not be long before it is set back in motion –after all, there is a reason why they say ‘once in a blue moon’. No matter how rare that is, it will happen again and when it does, I will be waiting…

There is one solace in all of this; my escape was marked in history and captured in paint; the artist much in awe of my capabilities used brushstrokes evocative of my waves; a reminder of what happened and what might be.  The irony, I am caged in once again within the narrow banks and now the within the limits of the canvas and the gilded frame.  Then hazily I wonder as my memory fades; was my escape from the actual riverbanks or from the mystical magic of the painting…

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


It has been a week since my last update; therefore, I think I best let you know how it has all been going…

This week has been tough (yet again) but not as bad as I have managed to lift my spirits and stick to some of my goals as set below last week:

This is my now amended ROW80 Goals:

  • Email BETA Readers my current WIP (for feedback).
  • Start outline for new project (novella/script).
  • Try to write 0-500 words per day towards WIP (a reality-check was in order here –pressure taken off in order for my muse to roam freely).
  • Should I feel stuck with point three I will consider how well I have done with my blog posts –as a means to stay positive –any achievements’ considered for acknowledgement right? *looks up expectantly*
  • Each day I will set aside a 15-30 minute editing session, before I start my writing; reworking the previous day’s works (still a ploy to get myself back into the flow of things).

THEN (When responses come back from my lovely BETA Readers:

  • I will rework the first three chapters of my WIP.
  • I will start to contribute towards the above set word goal (maybe alternate with the WIPs for a bit of variety and also it’s good my muse can just tackle something different every once in a while).

What I have achieved

Sunday and Monday, I was away from home (so that was my two free days).  On Tuesday I posted a blog article (ok it was a copy and paste job –but I am not going to moan, as I was still a wee bit low then) I also wrote 122 words towards my WIP (added some special spells).  Wednesday I continued with outlining for my WIP.  Thursday I wrote an article on Copyright for my blog (forgot to post it so I posted on Friday instead).  Friday I decided to take a peek at my initial research for my WIP therefore, I printed it off and began to go over it when I needed a break from the screen.  Today, well, asides from writing this post (which now hit 1,449 words) and enjoying a cuppa of lovely brewed (by my standards) tea; I will continue with going over the research and also feedback from my betareaders.  I hope I add some more words to my WIP tonight.

I have just realised; since I am working on two WIP, I need to differentiate between the two so you know which WIP I am talking about 😀 here’s a little clue:

  • WIP One (The initial one I started with) is titled Becoming: Mystical Realisations (I’ll call it Becoming for short).
  • WIP Two (The one discussed on Manon Eileen’ #writepsych) is not fortunate to have a title yet so we can call it WIP2 for now.

Well, that is all for today, I will now be working on Becoming; I hope you enjoyed the flash fiction above (I just felt like I needed to have fun after these past two weeks and celebrate my enthusiasm by indulging in these challenges –for me it is an indulgence).  Upcoming Plans:  Within the coming week I plan to tackle Ken Broad’ Challenge (I am determined to combine all four images –why don’t you join me to see if I succeed.) and also add a storyline to the ongoing saga over at DiRosaYikici.  As you know resident guest blogger Patrick Tulley will be about tomorrow and my next post will be on Monday.  I plan to share with you my thoughts about challenges and why I love them so much on Wednesday and also provide you with another ROW80 update –so keep your eyes out if you want to know what goes on in my quirky mind.  Till then have fun!

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Did I achieve the challenges set?  Did you get lost within the vivid landscapes or did you sail above the waves?  Let me know what works and what does not and perhaps how it could be made better…  As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as all good discussions start with just one word.

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Copyright – What Do You Constitute as Ok?

Thursday’s Topical Tête-à-Tête:  

I have just realised that I must have saved this article instead of hitting the ‘publish’ button yesterday (apologies).  Please find below my blog post intended for yesterday.

Today I want to talk about a topic that has preoccupied my mind since the onset of my writing endeavours and subsequently my venture into the blogging world.  Copyright – I am no master on the topic and quite frankly I am uncertain if I will ever achieve that honour; therefore, I will only attempt to ‘think out loud’ for the purpose of this discussion.  Should you want to jump right in and give us some insight or just your own thoughts on this matter then please do grace us with your presence -I am all ears. 🙂

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)


I have always been a little hesitant when it comes to putting out my writings/artworks/photography etc on the internet (be it fictional or not) -not that I do not want to share it with you; it’s more the case that -if what I do is any good; someone may pinch/borrow/pass it on as their own etc… (I am certain I am not the only one to be plagued with these thoughts –particularly if I think about those working in the creative field; how do you protect your own work?!)

Then there’s that age old argument ‘if you don’t put it out there you will never know’ and no one will hear of you if you haven’t bagged yourself an agent (what are the likelihood of attracting an agents interest by self-promoting?) -so begins the conundrum…  I know I am going off on a tangent; it was just a random thought that has some weight when considering promoting your work and with that, the issues of copyright arise…

I pestered a lot of my good knowledgeable friends about the aspects of copyright –I researched it on the internet (as you do) and came up with a wealth of information that surpassed my knowledge and added extra question marks in its wake.  It seems copyright laws differ from country to country, though there is also the Berne Convention which encourages an international collective understanding and agreement.  I have since found out that there are other laws to consider (depending on where you reside) these are: the Creative Commons Licence and the DMCA (see further details in the comments section of Self-Hosting – My Trials and Tribble-ationsWayne Borean enlightened me quite a bit; I recommend the read).

Whilst doing all the above necessary reading; it dawned on me; all we can do is declare ownership of our creative works, enforcing it would be another matter entirely –if at all possible…  This hurt my mind whilst I pondered away.  Amongst a million thoughts I got talking to Emlyn Chand and she told me how I could track my articles/creativity etc by using Google Alerts; this somewhat cheered me up –though in practice I have been lax –mainly because I keep forgetting to do so.  Though it makes me wonder, how I would proceed if I came across someone who took content from my blog…  I took precautions; I put up legal notices on my blog (copyright notice & a linking policy) and now I question if the linking policy was a good idea.

Four months into blogging and I have come across many trackbacks/pingbacks that link to my posts (some from genuine bloggers who mention you in their posts (which I have no quibble with) and others from more dubious backgrounds that have copied parts –if not whole, and enabled a link back to the original article).  I wonder if these are a good thing or not; where do these stand’ with copyright laws?  I suppose it is a good thing that they (whoever they are) do not pass it as their own and provide that link etc, but I am still unsure if it should be acceptable; shouldn’t they seek permission?  Then there’s the whole issue of how can you contact them if there is no contact details –totally annoying!

What are your thoughts?  Do you think these levels of ‘linked’ plagiarism are ok; should you allow their trackbacks/pingbacks to be visible in your comments?  Do you have any other concerns or discoveries that may enlighten us?  I would be intrigued to hear from you.

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If you want to share your thoughts; by all means do so:  As I always say ‘all good discussions start with just one word‘.

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Photoshoot – My Amateur Debut

Saturday’s Showcase Sketches:  

I’ve had a mixed day today (it really feels like it has passed by with a blur), because of it being an odd day of-some-sorts, I wanted to share a different kind of creativity with you -sometimes a variation helps me focus (we’ll see if it helps me today).  If you are wondering about my ROW80 goals, I will provide an update following the article below.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

A few weeks back I took a stab at doing an amateur photoshoot session (for items to be sold on eBay by my sister -well experiences comes in all shapes and forms!).  I was enlisted as a photographer (ahem!); my task to was to make the items for sale attractive -a rather tall order -if I do say so myself!  (The tall order -really was referring to my photography skills than the items in question -not that I doubt my skills; I just had not done a photoshoot before so was a tad unsure.)  I started of hesitantly -as did the model; then we picked up pace and confidence which reflected in the many delightful photo’s I took.  Here is a selection of my favourites (some are raw images from the day (quite catalogue-esque images), others I have played around in Photoshop to give it a bit of a va-va-va-voom style that may be fitting for a magazine photoshoot).  This was a fun project to take part in and I hope to experiment more with photography and Photoshop imagery when I have more time; for the moment, I hope the visuals below work.

If you are interested in the items above, please head off to Esmyster‘s eBay page for all listed items.  In addition, I have set up a gallery page for you to view the above images in detail please click here to view the Esmyster’s eBay Photoshoot.


Following my scheduling from yesterdays article; it’s time for a quick update.

  • Friday:  After yesterdays blog post I felt extremely pooped (tired for those who are not familiar with the terminology); so I rested -I wrote a staggering 1872 words for the article so I musn’t grumble!
  • Saturday:  Today I emailed my WIP to my betareaders (accomplished -yay!) and started to outline my new project as mentioned yesterday -but for some unknown reason my muse wanted me to think about the WIP I sent off to my betareaders -so I did.  In addition to that I brainstormed a mini-outline for it too (I guess that is not too bad); let’s see what else takes place.  I haven’t yet started my word goals (as the outlines are not complete) therefore, let’s consider this articles word count (currently it is at 519+ words); I have hit over 500 words -yay!  I’m chuffed to bits -not to mention the time I spent on Photoshop enhancing the photographs and then attaching it here then checking out how to work the slideshow and gallery options -not bad for a day’s attempt methinks! 🙂

All in all it’s pretty good… now I need some time away from the laptop so without further ado I’m taking a break…  *heads off to make a cuppa and then take some time to chill*

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Do you dabble in different avenues -if so what are they?  I’d love to hear what you get up to when you just need that change.  As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as all good discussions start with just one word.

Pdf document:  Photoshoot – My Amateur Debut

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