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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Pamela V. Mason

After a HUGE break (apologies to all my lovely subscribers) I wanted to say what a glorious day it is to welcome Pamela V. Mason to the Savvy Salutations’ guest post slot.  Pamela is a wonderful person, so full of life and joy; every time I get a chance to speak with her I am met with full enthusiasm; therefore, I had to convince her to pop by and be a superb guest here on yikici and being the angel she is, she gracefully accepted.  I just know her zest for life will rub off on you all… -Okay, okaaaay I’ll shush and let you enjoy Pamela’s inspirational post.  😀


by Pamela V. Mason

Image linked to source

We all hit the jackpot. But do we recognize it when we do, and do we use it, enjoy it? Or fritter it away via fear and regrets?
No…not talking about money or those fifteen minutes of fame….
I’m talking about that happy place in life where you arrive and everything falls into place and works for you.
You’re no longer uncertain of yourself, afraid to take risks. It’s that comfort you feel living in your own skin, warts and all. You can quit sucking in your gut, covering up the acne scars, and smiling with your mouth closed so nobody sees your missing tooth.
It’s security in yourself and knowing who you are and where and how you fit in. What you can do well, and what you can’t. What you’re meant to do with the rest of the morning suns you have left in your life.
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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Rance Denton

What a glorious day to welcome Rance Denton to the Savvy Salutations’ guest post slot.  I met Rance through Rachael Harrie’ Third Writer’ Platform-Building Campaign and I am sooo glad to have had the pleasure in knowing him -his unique and witty take on all things around us always makes me smile and the stories he conjures up are delights to read.  I’ve also been fortunate to write a guest post on his blog; which is why it’s extra special to be able to feature him here on yikici.  When you have a moment, please pop by to his blog and have a nosey around -you’ll see what I mean; in the meantime, I’ll leave the spotlight to Rance and his humorous rant on family relations:

Warning:  This article contains some strong language.

The Cliché: Like Father Like Son

by Rance Denton

Image sourced from:

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Savvy Salutations’ to…ermm…the Tagged Person

I’ve been tagged -where have you heard that before -the school playground?  Well, sure -that was like ages ago. 😉 What I meant was that I have been tagged twice (yep you heard correctly, TWICE) in the blogging community, by two fellow writers (Vikki & Jennifer Baker)  who are part of the Fourth Writer’ Platform-Building Campaign.  What does this entail?  Apparently a Q & A session with yours truly (how lucky you are :P).  There’s 2 x 11 set of questions by the above interrogateors -I mean interviewers; I thought (as much as I love answering questions) I’d whittle it down to the usual 11 questions we have here as part of Savvy Salutations.  I hear that sigh of relief! *darts a look full of disbelief* Anyhoo, before we go on to the questions, I wanted to share an inspirational song by Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten (above); this is for the fab ROW80 & WPBC posse as well as anyone else who wants to be inspired.

I am unwritten, can’t read my mind, I’m undefined
I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned

Staring at the blank page before you
Open up the dirty window
Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find

Reaching for something in the distance
So close you can almost taste it
Release your inhibitions
Feel the rain on your skin…

Natasha Bedingfield sings (full lyrics can be found here); I think these words are perfect for what we are striving to achieve, capturing the images and senses in our stories and transferring it into words which someone would hopefully take pleasure in reading one day. 😀 To catch up on my ROW80 progress click here, to continue with the questions I have been tagged into please read on.
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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Sean Keefer

Hellooooo there!  Isn’t it just a glorious day today?  You are in for a treat today, there’s a book review of The Trust written by yours truly and following this I get to interview the fab Sean Keefer (author) too!

Book Review: The Trust

Being my very first book review I thought I’d honour it by reviewing a novel which I happened to stumble across through Twitter* (another first for me at the time; so I thought I’d combine the two first experiences here and share it with you).  The book in question is The Trust; a pleasant surprise and the author is Sean Keefer; a rather friendly, engaging author-type-lawyer person.
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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Sonia G. Medeiros

Hellooooo there!  This is super blogger number three. 🙂 Please welcome Sonia G. Medeiros to the spotlight *cheers* I am particular honored to have Sonia along -as she, like Billie Jo Woods, is one of my ‘flash fiction buddies’ and she also likes tormenting herself by combining millions of challenges together!  Anyhooo, this is not ‘me-time’ for me (of course I’m not taking away Sonia’ limelight!); so, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Sonia! 😀

I’d like you to meet my inner critic, Agent 36. I wrote this the third month I’d been blogging after a particularly long, bloody struggle with Agent 36. I like to reread it often because it reminds me that, although the inner critic can look so very official, he’s really just a sneaky demon.


Agent 36, Inner Critic Extraordinaire

by Sonia G. Medeiros


Image sourced from:

The inner critic.
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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Billie Jo Woods

Hellooooo there!  Welcome to 2012’s very first Savvy Sunday Salutations’!  Before I disappeared and took that rather long break away, we had resident blogger (and good friend) Patrick Tulley take the spotlight ( click on the link for his interesting article ‘Male Power isn’t All it’s Cracked up to be‘).   Now, we are in a new year, I thought it would be perfect to start Savvy Sunday Salutations with one of my very first author/blogging buddies: Billie Jo Woods.  Please give a special and warm welcome to Billie Jo.  *stands up and applauds*

Fear – A Writer’s Best Friend

by Billie Jo Woods


Image sourced from:

Fear is one of the most powerful tools in a writer’s shed. On my blog I post a weekly spot dedicated to phobias of things that humans fear the most. I do this because these fears make great material for writers to use within their plots and are brilliant for character development. That is one way of a writer using fear as a powerful tool. Today I am going to point out another way writers can use fear to their advantage but I would like to first thank Ozlem Yikici for having me as a guest blogger today.

When we fear something, it is usually because we need to develop more understanding of it or gain more experience dealing with it. If something is new to us or strange to us, our minds fill in the gap for the missing information. We do this by basing our assumptions on past experiences we deem as similar to the situation we fear. The problem is sometimes these assumptions are wrong.
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ROW80 is getting (me) Organised!

Thursday’s (Belated) Topical Tête-à-Tête:  

Firstly, I want to say I am saddened by what I have seen in the news and what ordeals you have had to face on the East Coast.  I have just seen reports of another bout of storms; hurricane Katia and a tropical cyclone on the Gulf🙁 I do hope these do not come inland and cause any destructions; you are all in my thoughts and prayers, I do wish you all to stay safe and out of harm’s way.  Image sourced from:’m sending you all a little something -I hope it brings you good luck; the Irish swear by it.  Secondly, I want to apologise for the lateness of this post (I seem to have lost my synch with my daily routine -hope to get back on form soon(ish) -I have been working on my schedule at least, so that is something positive, for more details see below).  Today’s topical discussion is rotating about how things stand with me in relation to the writing world -I thought it is rather apt considering my recent sign-up to the Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

ROW80 is Getting (me) Organised!

I have had an odd few weeks and I am certain you all are aware of how erratic I have been (maybe erratic is the wrong word choice, but I’m tired and that’s the closest word I can find, so I’m sticking to it) -the word erratic is more geared at my working pattern rather than my own person…  There has not been much stability on that front and I worked out why thanks to my new ROW80 page and progress bars over on the right of this page -now why did I not do that sooner!  It seems I have been allocating a lot of my time to writing blog posts as opposed to my actual Novel (no wonder that’s been a wee bit stagnant *shakes head in bewilderment*); therefore, I have had a rethink and made slight amendments to the schedule -just so I can breathe a bit better; I was beginning to suffocate -Eak!  So, that’s sorted and taken off my ‘to do list’ (geez, there’s so many things to do -I think I’m going to see stars) *faints* -ok, okaaaaaaaaaaay I was pulling your leg. 😛 Now let’s get back to some serious stuff…

Flash -A-aaaaaaaaaaaaa 

Don’t ask me why, but that song (yes the one from the rather cheesy film Flash Gordon) is playing in my head over and over again -I just had to use it as a title because, I want to talk about -yep, you guessed it, FLASH Fictions.  (I know, I know -very bad sense of humour; but I’m tired -that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!)  As you know, I have become addicted to writing flash fictions and now the collection of stories has amalgamated to a total of 10+(ish) since I started back in April 2011 (word count being 6125 in total).  From your responses, there has been a few stories which cried out to be expanded further and the other stories were appreciated as they were.  As time progressed I began to think about these, and one of my main thoughts were (and still is) is to collate them in a book as a collection of short stories; some I’d work on (e.g. Moon of Change being a firm favourite amongst you all) and those that work well without any developments will just be edited to perfection.  Therefore, the question on everyone’s lips (including mine); which of the following stories would you like to see being collated in this book project of mine I am about to embark upon:

A Demise of my Own Doing 

First Impressions

The Quest for the Hidden Dagger

My Safe Haven

The Keepsake

Moon of Change & Moon of Change – The Prologue & Epilogue

St Pauls at High Tide

Ferocious Fireworks


I’d appreciate it if you could select your top 5 and list them in preference order and let me know which one’s you’d like me to developed further.  Please note them in the comment box below or email me directly at -I aim to ensure the forthcoming collection’s word count is near 10,000 words; which means there will be a couple of surprise stories/snippets added to make the count.  To make this interesting and give you some incentive to participate, I believe a contest is in order (my very first one); I will select 5 people’s name from the list of commenter’s’ below and they will receive a copy of my book once it is published.  Exciting huh?  Well, what are you waiting for… get-a-voting-and-a-compiling… 😀

and Finally…

Before, I head off to the land of Zzzzzzz’s (which I need to get going to very soon(ish)); this is for those who missed my very first interview over at -aptly titled ‘Ozlem Yikici – The London Novelist‘.  If you want to find out how the interview went please pop over to Mindi’ blog and have a read -as well as a wander…  Well, that’s me done and dusted -so to speak, wishing you all a good night and I will no doubt have words on Saturday, until then, stay safe, be happy, keep smiling and don’t forget it’s a beautiful world out there in the vast universe we call Earth! 🙂

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word‘.

Pdf document:  ROW80 is getting (me) Organised!

If there is a topic you would like me to look into and explore in my own yikici-kind-of-way then please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment box below or for those of you who are a wee bit shy drop me a line via my contact page or email me at

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Sabotage the Community – Sabotage your Work

*Stop Press News* 

Before continuing with the actual post, I have some exciting news to share with you:  I have been blessed with being interviewed by Mindi Anderson over at -aptly titled ‘Ozlem Yikici – The London Novelist‘, if you want to find out how the interview went please pop over to Mindi’ blog and have a read -as well as a wander…

My ROW80 Update will follow the article below –scroll down to the end if you do not want to read the next bit (I won’t take any offence –well, I’ll try not to 😛 ).


Just a quick note:  I apologise for the silence -I’ve had a tough couple of weeks with low moods and then I was encouraged to mingle with family and friends and babysit Ava therefore; I have been away from my novel, my blog and the social media circuit.  Whilst I was away, I hoped my first article back would be on a positive note (about developments on yikici) but I had to speak, silence in a time like this is not good to anyone, here’s my voice, here’s my thoughts…

(As always there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

Image sourced from:


It has been over a week since the chaos hit the streets of London and then the rest of the UK…  As I sat safe indoors, these were the thoughts that transpired…

I sit in front of my laptop (yes I have solved the issue with the broken adaptor); I listen to the sound of the police sirens as they drive past through the streets, in pursuit, in preparation; I hear the helicopter up above, tracking, reporting; I feel helpless…  Will a repeat of last night endure or will our Police force prevail…  There are plenty of speculations, some have hope, others do not…  Is this where humanity has come to -a bunch of youths demolishing, uprooting people’s livelihood -communities trashed, local businesses ruined and homes burned…  I ask why…?

I never thought I’d see a day when such violence could violate our streets, our communities; it was like a free-for-all -no rhyme, no reason -although there are others who would have you believe otherwise…where do you stand, what are your thoughts?  This topic is vast and may have many underlining reasons behind it and for this purpose; it needs to be discussed to be understood –if possible.  This is a tough subject to analyse and for the purpose of this blog I will look at it from an alternative artistic angle as well as it’s gritty form.  In some odd ways this has made me think about how we; as artists, writers -creative-beings, how we sabotage our own works -be it intentional or not and with this in mind I plan to tackle this vast, macabre topic and try to mirror it with how we bring that into our works and possibly into our lives.


When the news of the rioters hit the screens, I immediately thought it being a little too ironic; what with Rupert Murdoch, the Government and our Police force being questioned.  I may have come up with a million and one conspiracy theories in that small space of time (ok maybe I’m exaggerating that a wee bit –possibly a million theories 😛 ).  It was highly amusing to note that the three key figures, who were needed to address the country and tackle the problem at large, were on annual leave (holiday) and it was uncanny that our Police force seemed outnumbered against the unruly youths.  These alone just prompted questions in my mind as I watched various parts of London ransacked, demolished and/or go up in smoke.  This all happened as the nation watched.  There were various accounts through the media (and reliable sources I know) that certain communities came together and chased the rioters off their streets.  Dalston saw a group of Turkish and Kurdish men (young and old) guard their shops/restaurants; Green Street’ Muslim residents said enough is enough as the time for breaking their fast came (it’s the month of Ramadan), they stood firm –the yobs did not linger.  By day three of the riots all three key figures returned to the UK and the Police force was strengthened –soon the calm came.  With it a beautiful sense of community sprung up; they call themselves Riot Clean Up (follow them on twitter @riotcleanup or their hashtag #riotcleanup).  A bunch of volunteers took it on themselves to organise a clean up where needed –a tear came to my eye when I heard; kudos to all who took part and still are spending valuable time in maintaining it.  From the chaos a calm settled, from the grim a glorious day -my only hope is that this will get better as I cannot see how this will fare if it gets out of hand.

Image sourced from:


‘We’re getting back our taxes’ they said to bystanders/reporters as they trashed their neighbourhood; did they not think of the local independent businesses who would suffer from the damage they’ve caused –not to mention who would be pocketing the price of their mayhem.  If only ‘getting tax back’ was that simple –I am certain there would have been more riots if it was the case, but sadly it is not and in the end taxpayers will be forking out extra to meet the extra expenses.  It angers me, it really does; I understand that maybe some –or maybe the vast majority of communities have been affected by the budget cuts; youth clubs and social enterprises for youngsters has been withdrawn, university fees have rocketed to unmentionable amounts of money; all this does not condone what they did.  The more I think about it the more it seems like an act of opportunists jumping in, to riot, loot and rampage.  Acting like yobs is not a way forward; all this has done is cause fear in some communities and create a negative impact on independent businesses.  What part of this is an admirable feat?  It saddens me that our children are part of this ugly episode; they still fight against the police, our society and us.  Where they believe they attacked the Government and hindered the tax system –they, in actual-fact, sabotaged our communities and hindered our growth in this slow economic farce.  Not to mention how this will affect their family, friends and themselves.

To this day Police sirens can still be heard and it seems that it will continue like so for some time.

Here are some interesting links I’ve stumbled across whilst I was researching information on the riots: British use Social Media to Coordinate Riot Clean Up, Muslims Defend London During London Riots, Communities Rally for Riot Clean Up, The Guardian’ Blog on the Riots, Turks police own district amid rioting.


Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.

The act of sabotage is a nasty bit of work –especially the intentional kind like I’ve mentioned above, but what about the unintentional ones –the ones subconsciously created by you…  You know, when you’ve written over 10,000 words on your novel and abruptly decide it is pants and so you throw it in the bin –or, like me, you take up a painting project and become annoyed that a part of the painting does not work, so you decide to trash it (see examples above and below -brownie points for those who notice the apt ‘The End’ sign?).  This also can be evident in your life, your relationships, your business, your career –how many times have you ruined it and thought ‘ooops my mistake’.  We are prone to sabotage all aspects of our lives and works –even our health.  Think of what you may have sabotaged or witnessed as acts of sabotages and let us know your findings.

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


I have been extremely bad since my last update and not achieved much (just this post –it’s over 1,500 words so I guess that counts for something).  I have decided I will create a ROW80 page under the Social Interactions tab and organise my goals there.  For the time being I will stick to my goals as planned and any adjustments I make I will make public this Sunday (hopefully).  I hope the rest of you ROW80 stars are doing a better job than me –keep the good works going!  🙂

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word‘.

Pdf document:  Sabotage the Community – Sabotage your Work

If there is a topic you would like me to look into and explore in my own yikici-kind-of-way then please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comment box below or for those of you who are a wee bit shy drop me a line via my contact page or email me at

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