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Bittersweet ROW80 Goals Cherished with Love

Savvy Sunday Salutations: 

It seems I have misplaced Patrick Tulley -or he may have gone AWOL; it won’t be long before I send out a search warrant 😉 in the meantime, I’d like to to take this opportunity to pay homage to someone who as had a great influence in my life -some of you may think that person is JMW Turner -but no (keep an eye out for him this Tuesday and possibly next Sunday).  The person I have on the tip of my tongue is someone I cherish dearly and love to bits; today I want to talk about my grandma…

My ROW80 Update will follow the article below –scroll down to the end if you do not want to read the next bit (I won’t take any offence –well, I’ll try not to :P ).

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)


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We all have someone we look up to, love and respect -and many of us have more than just that one person.  One of my special people is my grandmother, there has been moments where I have argued with her (when I did not get my way as a child) but many of my memories of my grandma is fond and full of warmth.  She is a strong woman who has brought up four children as a widower, maintained her farm in her village (Artvin Yusufeli Kιlιçkaya), became a midwife to many children, earned the respect of her peers (family & community), moved around to different parts of Turkey (even came to the UK) -my first memories are from when she was living in Istanbul.  A well travelled, well loved and above all a well respected individual who instilled good values into people’s hearts with her love of faith.  Whenever I go to Turkey, whomever I meet; always asks of my grandmother and whenever she goes to Istanbul to stay with my aunt -most days/nights there are visitor popping by to show her their respects.  I rarely see this kind of homage here in the UK (although I know of a few individuals who have a similar closeness with their family and community).  My gran is now too old to travel (no one knows exactly her right age but last I asked I was told she was at least 98 years of age -that was a year ago); in the last few years she has began to show signs of dementia, though this does not hinder her inner beauty or her-now-childlike banter.  There’s something about my gran that warms my heart and brings a tear to my eye…

My gran is also a feisty character (in a mellow-type-way -don’t ask, she just manages to be feisty but not, if that makes sense 🙂 ).  I remember last year when I was over in Turkey and it was the month of Ramadan (just like this month) -despite her old age and ailments, she insisted on fasting and at times refused to eat when dinner was ready.  😀 I guess now that the month of Ramadan is coming to an end and the feast festival of Eid-al-Fitr is upon us, my thoughts have gone back to my gran.  This has brought out the love I cherish for her and also some bittersweet memories and because of this I have shared my thoughts and love for this uniquely special woman.  You must have someone as special in your life; I’d love to hear your thoughts and anecdotes…


Since my last update I have not written anything towards Becoming (I share your sentiments exactly *tuts*) however, my blog word counts have amounted to 3071 + 878 (the ROW80 page -see below) + 903 (today’s post) -so that already over the 0-500 daily word count so I’m happy *cheers*.  Although, there has been no movement on Becoming, I have created a page for ROW80 as I promised to do so; please hover over the Social Interactions tab (menu header above) -you will see the ROW80 section there.  Despite the lack of word counts towards my Novel, there has been development on the written word at least -and taking heed and strength from my beloved grandma, I am humbled to say I have achieved a bittersweet goal today.  How has your week held up?  I know some fellow ROW80’ers have had tough weeks, but I am certain its being washed away as we speak and a new day-is-a-dawning for all, stay positive and keep on writing -I salute you all. 🙂

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word‘.

Pdf document:  Bittersweet ROW80 Goals Cherished with Love

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