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First Draft: Becoming - Mystical Realisations

12,666 of 50,000 Words (24%) complete

First Draft: Moon of Change

2,562 of 11,000 Words (18%) complete

Round 3 Goals

41,756 of 40,000 words (103%) complete

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Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011-forever & Copyright © yikici 2011-forever. All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorised copying of literary and artistic works will constitute an infringement of copyright. Ozlem Yikici & have the right to be identified as the author & artist; please seek permission in all instances.

Ozlem Yikici

Ozlem Yikici

AKA Öz / yikici Artist, Writer, Poet -above all a human being trying to find a way in this world by keeping to morals, values and ethics as a guide to do good…

The eldest of three siblings, Ozlem grew up between two countries British by birth ethnic origin Turkish, current habitat London. Her creative passion started with a pencil followed onto a paintbrush, found a pen then utilised a camera. Ozlem studied BA (Hons) Fine Art with Related Arts at University of Chichester; she exhibited her artworks as part of her degree show in June 2000. She has worked in various fields in the private, public and charity sectors but has found her calling as a writer.

Poet from an early age and blogger since March 2011, she strives to make her mark; Ozlem has embarked on her writing career February 2011, she is the author of several Poems, Articles, Guest Posts, Flash Fictions & Short Stories.  Ozlem is currently writing her first novel, examples of her work can be found here and also on the Portfolio & Publicity page.

In order to progress and achieve her goals and ambitions Ozlem has taken the initiative and joined writers’ groups (ROW80, Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign & #WIP500), information about these groups can be found under the Social Interactions tab.

yikici’ Voice

WHAT’S IN A NAME… It’s always difficult to write something about yourself -well this is something I always struggle with -not that I do not have anything to say; it’s more of a case of ‘what would you like to know’ and would what I write be interesting to you… Decisions decisions…

I guess I could talk about my alter ego or some would call it pseudonym; you may have come across it on this site if you have been paying attention! The name in question is doodllz™ I have used this for as long as I can remember -it goes back to the time when I was at University studying BA(Hons) Fine Art with Related Arts. I became quite attuned to doodling, this became quite apparent in my art, and since then it has become a part of my being. If I need to have a username, a fantasy football team name, a pen name, etc… doodllz™ is my first choice -it beats Wizard of Oz as I have been aptly named when I was a wee lass! I hear you ask why doodllz™? What’s it’s’ significance? Well, as I see it; doodling is an expressive form where in a quick instance a random shape/form can come about and in that very surrealist way, an image is created. doodllz™ can be erratic, pensive, lyrical and surreal and much more; it’s fun and unpredictable; which in essence is the way I like to be and see life -whether I do or do not is another matter entirely nevertheless, that is how I embody my work and how I try to portray my visions.

Asides from Art, I also dabble in some poetry, photography and have recently taken the initiative to write a novel. I have 4 writing projects on the go (as well as my 3 blogs); A Poetry book incorporating English & Turkish Poetry, A Novel on ‘Cascading Thoughts’, A Novel with elements of Horror, Fantasy & Romance written with a contemporary feel and finally a Script based on a psychological thriller. Asides from yikici and doodllz™ I also co-write on Di Rosa & Yikici where we attempt to take it in turns and be inspired by each other’s improvisational writing.

I think this is all for now. I will attempt to add more as more ideas come to me, in the meantime have a wander and if you have anything to say whilst you are about please do so.

Please read the Disclaimer and click here for articles written by me. My recent blog articles can be found under the menu tab Recent Scribbles (The Blog). Ta-ra for now…

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