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First Draft: Becoming - Mystical Realisations

12,666 of 50,000 Words (24%) complete

First Draft: Moon of Change

2,562 of 11,000 Words (18%) complete

Round 3 Goals

41,756 of 40,000 words (103%) complete

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Billie Jo Woods

Billie Jo Woods

Billie Jo Woods is a writer currently on her journey to authorhood. She mainly writes fantasy and science fiction for young adults. With several yet unpublished novels, novellas and mountains of short stories under her belt she aims to navigate her way through the modern publishing world in hopes of one day seeing her stories on the shelves of bookstores worldwide. She shares her experiences and other bits she finds along the way on her blog entitled Out of the Woods.

You can find Billie Jo Woods on Facebook and Twitter.

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