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First Draft: Becoming - Mystical Realisations

12,666 of 50,000 Words (24%) complete

First Draft: Moon of Change

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Izzy’s Secret (Voice Week 2014 – A Bonus)

I parked outside the Mansion with its unwelcoming bricks.  I hate coming here.  But today is the day.  I sink my head onto the steering wheel and my whole body sighs.  This is it.  I’ve served them all my life for this moment of freedom, the day has finally arrived, one last meeting, a last handover, but this time I will set the record straight, Kylie will not be staying behind like I was made to do so.  I clench my teeth and lift my head up, my eyes determined to see this through.  They will not take Kylie on top of all I have given them.  No, this time the chain will be broken, I will not allow for her to be subjected to…  It’s still etched in the dark corners of my mind, how innocent she was in the cot in the baby ward, no one there to claim her…

I had no choice, or so I thought.

How naive I was

Things could have been so so different, but here I am, years of bad deeds adorning my CV.  This had to change.  Kylie would not be replacing me, not if I have anything to do with it, she has better days ahead of her, not…a sinking darkness flits inside my gut.  No.  I punch the dashboard of my car.  Today is a new day. Things will be different.  I reach into my bag and take out my phone, several missed calls, seconds apart and two text messages.

Friday 26 September 2014 Time: 13:01

Izzy, I’ve been calling you, where are you?  Everything is all go at our end, we just need your signal.  Call me.

Friday 26 September 2014 Time: 13:07

We have confirmation that Paul is onsite searching for Kylie, what is going on?  When did the plans change?  We need eyes on Kylie.  Izzy call me.

Oh shit. Shit, shit, shit.  This I did not see coming, if Paul is there, who am I meeting here?

A dark bulky shadow invades the nearest window to me and whispers through the opening of the window in an all too familiar voice.  “Izzy, I’ve been expecting you, it has been too long, hasn’t it?  We have a lot to catch-up on,” he opens the car door for me, “shall we?”  

I swallow down dry saliva.  Think Izzy, THINK.

Day five of Voice Week 2014.  I was not too happy that I was not able present Izzy to you, so I thought as a bonus she might as well come along and say ‘hi’, I hope she fills in the gaps to the story (somewhat).  Enjoy.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the adventure, if you would like to check out the other participants, then why not head on over to Voice HQ and read till your hearts content.

– yikici



About the author: Creative from the word go, an artist at heart – writer, poet, photographer, blogger... I am currently working on my first novel Becoming – Mystical Realisations and I have also started some research for my novella (currently does not have a title). Read more from this author

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