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Savvy Sunday Salutations’ to Pamela V. Mason

After a HUGE break (apologies to all my lovely subscribers) I wanted to say what a glorious day it is to welcome Pamela V. Mason to the Savvy Salutations’ guest post slot.  Pamela is a wonderful person, so full of life and joy; every time I get a chance to speak with her I am met with full enthusiasm; therefore, I had to convince her to pop by and be a superb guest here on yikici and being the angel she is, she gracefully accepted.  I just know her zest for life will rub off on you all… -Okay, okaaaay I’ll shush and let you enjoy Pamela’s inspirational post.  😀


by Pamela V. Mason

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We all hit the jackpot. But do we recognize it when we do, and do we use it, enjoy it? Or fritter it away via fear and regrets?
No…not talking about money or those fifteen minutes of fame….
I’m talking about that happy place in life where you arrive and everything falls into place and works for you.
You’re no longer uncertain of yourself, afraid to take risks. It’s that comfort you feel living in your own skin, warts and all. You can quit sucking in your gut, covering up the acne scars, and smiling with your mouth closed so nobody sees your missing tooth.
It’s security in yourself and knowing who you are and where and how you fit in. What you can do well, and what you can’t. What you’re meant to do with the rest of the morning suns you have left in your life.

It takes time and errors and missteps and more time again. Not failures – each trial is actually its own success. Just the fact that you dreamt up an idea, initiated an action, shared it with the world, and offered it up to be accepted or rejected –
There’s the triumph.

So your idea-baby flopped in front of millions… just means you dreamt big, tried bigger.
You’re learning, you’re alive, and now you have a bigger dream to act upon.

The jackpot?
Knowing the dream doesn’t have to end.

(Copyright © Pamela V. Mason 2012.  All Rights Reserved.)

Pamela, thank you for such an inspirational and motivational post; I think I dream too big all the time and then the disappointment sets in when I feel I did not achieve what I aimed to…so in that respect your article is very humbling and a superb reminder of our reality and what is important: we’re still alive and learning every day; many of us forget that in the hectic cycle of the world today.  If we ever do stop, take a moment to reflect and appreciate what we have and what we HAVE actually achieved until this point, then we will certainly be much aware of what we do and how we fair in life.  A great post –it’s left me with a ‘get-up and go’ attitude –before I do, we must head on off to the interview room.  😉

Üçgen Bikini

There’s Something About – Pamela V. Mason

1.    Pamela, you chose to share the above article with us, could you please tell us what has been the instrumental reason to why you like writing about this subject.

I wake up each day and wonder if it will be my last. I watch the news and wonder if those who fell victim to a bullet or a car accident had the awareness to tell their loved ones “I love you” earlier… or if they just left the house without a word. I want to live each day doing what I do best – and enjoying that.
Life’s too short to be wasted.

2.   Why do you Blog?

I blog to promote authors whom I know and love their works. I blog to share lessons and writing tools that are helpful in my writing self education. I blog to share my writing and memoirs and try out story ideas on others.

3.   Of all the articles, you choose to blog about –which are the easiest, the hardest and most enjoyable.

Of all the articles to blog about, the easiest are the promotions. The hardest are the promotions. The most enjoyable are the promotions.

My goal is to share and expose others’ who are writing their thoughts and being brave and daring enough to live out their dreams, putting their own passions into words for everyone to read, absorb, and learn from.
I sweat it because I want others’ to love these authors and their works as much as I love them. I want to present them in the best possible light… to enhance their ambitions to reach audiences and readers with their imaginations… you never know whose lives they might touch and change, or at least provide someone to relate to, even if it is a fictional character.

4.   What is your most favourite and worst part of blogging?

My most favourite part of blogging is contacting the person, structuring the post, writing my own questions and learning their answers…. I think it’s one of the greatest pleasures in life to get to know others, especially from around the world, such as yourself Oz!

Worst part? Posting my own thoughts and words.

Aww Pamela *blushes* -it’s lovely to know you too.

5.   What’s your motto in life and also your work ethics?

Motto in life: I have several. Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Don’t judge until you’ve walked in that person’s shoes… If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all. I know — old fashioned. But, I believe if we all strive to keep these things – or their equivalents –  forefront in our minds, the world would be a much gentler, forgiving, kinder place to live.
It’s living consciously, being aware that another person is very much the same as you: with feelings, hurts, ambitions, and disappointments, desires and potential. If we remember that others had a bad day… don’t feel their best… lost a loved one, or a pet … fell short of their expectations… then perhaps it could stem the poison that hurts all of us. Like ripples in a pond.
Then of course, some people are just plain mean….

*Nods in agreement*

6.   What was the last dream you saw?

The last dream I saw: I was walking walking walking…down a paved highway towards a destination, but I don’t remember the specific destination. But always my dreams have rooms – temporary, one room living spaces. Anyway, it was a long walk, and I was making progress, passing many landmarks, but never reached my final destination. I remember palm trees and a high ocean wall with a deep deep ocean – I even jumped in and swam across, like a bay. Of course, I was totally dry when I got out and just started walking again.
Well… I thought it was interesting….

Sounds like you are on a path, finding new walks of life and treasures; what a positive dream. :)

7.   In a film about your life, which actor would play you?

Ha! That’s easy! Kathy Bates sometimes. But for my ‘mom’ personality, that would be Tyler Perry as M’dea! I had my own M’dea growing up. Wisdom grounded in experience.

8.  What’s next/what can we expect from you?

I am launching WriterMason Productions, an online book promotions business; a helping hand to guide those of us who didn’t grow up playing with computer toys to push a button and realize the computer won’t break!

9.  What are you currently working on?

I also am writing a short for a summer anthology published by Dee Dee Scott’s Writers’ Guide to EPublishing group, and a submission for a Christmas anthology.

10.  What 3 words least describe you?

Three words that least describe me: Simple (as in uncomplicated – see?) Serious, Stuffy

11.  If you had a superpower what would it be?

 A superpower? Fearlessness!

Pamela, thank you for joining me here at yikici and sharing your thoughts on life and how we need to remember the wonders of it and appreciate what we have -it’s been lovely having you here.  For a short bio on Pamela and where to find her click here.

The next Savvy Sunday Salutations’ will be in two weeks; I’ll be welcoming writer and blogger Sally Poyton; her article is ‘Feeding your Brain’; if you are curious to find out how to do such a thing (like I am) then I highly recommend you all pop back then.  As I disappear into the sunset I wanted to say have a good couple of weeks until then.

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 – 2012. All Rights Reserved (in conjunction with the Creative Commons License).

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Stay good and keep that sunshine smile-a-going. 😉

As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word‘.

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Straplez Bikini

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