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Thursday’s Topical Tête-à-Tête:

I finally make my way to the laptop to write today’s post; not that I am not in the mood to write (just been busy -so I’m out of my normal routine).  I have to say I am in better spirits than yesterday so that’s always a good start, therefore, let’s just enjoy this rather carefree topical tête-à-tête today (there’s a tag game to play as well as some exciting news about moi which I wanted share).

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

And now for some (me) news:

As you know -a while back I mentioned that one of my articles (My Encounter with Fate!) will be featured in a newsletter (so excited), -whilst the newsletter is not currently in circulation, I have been asked to take an active role in compiling the said newsletter -as well as editing.  This is fab-tastic news, as it will give me some experience with publishing a newsletter.  *dances a jig*  I am really excited about this -my training for it starts next week, let me know if you would be interested in learning as I go along -I may put together a regular feature on how to publish a newsletter etc (just a random thought).

I’ve been tagged!

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Early this week one of my lovely blogger/writer friends, Allie Wilde (she is cool and has a great blog, why don’t you pop over and have a look-see), tagged me to share 10 random facts about myself.  *scratches head* -now where and how am I going to compile such a list came to my mind (as well as ‘thank you for taking an interest and wanting to know a bit more about me’).  *grins*  -then a light shone bright in my cloudy-mind *rubs hands craftily* -a while back I was given two great awards (The Versatile Blogger‘ award by Sonia G Medeiros and The Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award by Walking The Pattern).  As part of the ‘acceptance speech’ -as I’d like to call it; I had to share seven facts about me -you guys are so quick to catch on!  😀  So, yeah, I thought I’d copy those facts below and just add three new facts at the end to make it up to ten -ingenious (I know).  So here it is (if you want to read the post about the awards click here):

10 Random Facts (about moi):

  1. Asides from writing; I love to paint (as in Art & Paintings) -oils in particular; I consider myself more of an artist than a writer -I guess that’s mainly for the fact that I studied Fine Art with Related Arts more than anything else; still Artist has a lovely ring to it -so an Artist I am!
  2. I am very particular in how my tea is brewed -especially when making English Tea; (it needs to be the right colour consistency and needs adequate milk for taste) therefore in most instances I volunteer to make my own tea -it would be a shame if I have to tip the tea away if not brewed properly!
  3. When writing I subconsciously miss out small (sometimes big) words -I do not notice the missed words if I read it back in my head -therefore, I have to read what I have written out loud when editing in order to spot these missed words; they can be terrors to find!  I am certain you will spy these ‘omissions’ at times -when you do (notice how I am certain of this); do let me know so I can make the required corrections.   -I also have a tendency to switch letters or digits around such as:  hello = helol or 1976 = 1967 I eventually work out the misspelt word however; the digits prove a challenge -especially if it is a telephone number -can you see the wrong dialled numbers in your mind?!!
  4. I have been known to slip in Turkish words in sentences when speaking to someone in English and vice versa!  Sometimes I get the sense that that word is ‘English’ or ‘Turkish’ -it’s only when the recipient is baffled by my talk do I realise something is at foot -you have been warned!  Examples of such occasions can be found in this post.
  5. I’m a people’s person; I love chatting and engaging with most people -though public speaking is something I favour less; it brings out a nervous side that I cannot control.  I think this may have been heightened more when I was part of a presentation group at University and had to dress up in a jesters outfit as I was the only person who could fit into it (being 5 foot has its advantages and disadvantages!).  To top it all; I had the longest speech and the squeakiest voice (that’s how it sounded to me) -pair that with my fear -I read it in super-speed; needless to say I try my best to avoid such scenarios.
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  1. I used to work in Social Care (Support Worker for the elderly and vulnerable adults); a job that is varied and kept me on my toes with the colourful customers I engaged with.  It was a job I loved and cherished dearly however, the last 2-3 years caused me undue stress and had caused negative impacts and implications on my health; therefore, I had to consider an alternative career path for myself.  Sometimes what you love is not always good for you.  I am hoping writing will not become like that, as it has literally become my saviour these past few months!  Another reason why I am loving the award Sonia and Walking The Pattern has given me -Thank you!
  2. On a positive note, my claim to fame (if you want to call it that) is:  During my retail years (I am lucky to have worked with some of the best: TopShop/TopMan, Daisy & Tom, Selfridges & Harrods).  I have served several stars -including A-listers -here’s a few names: Isla Fisher (seen at Top Shop), Patsy Palmer (served at Daisy & Tom), Cat Deeley (served at Selfridges), Martin Kemp (served at Selfridges), Angelina Jolie (served at Selfridges) and Pierce Brosnan (served at Harrods) amongst others.  (I may write a post solely on this in the near distant future; I need to ponder a bit more and see if I want to share my experiences.)
  3. I am not a natural pet lover (I evolved to liking them after a good few years).  My first and only pet was a cat named Tombis (adventures with her pertaining to transporting her in my jacket can be read here) and most recently (well, nearly three years now) I am an aunty to a mongrel-cross collie named Megan (my sister & brother-in-laws dog) and she is the cutest -as long as she does not slobber over me!
  4. Of all the mobile phones I have owned (there has been many) the Xperia10 has experienced the most (more than 10 times) battering due to it slipping out of my hands (due to its cumbersomeness).
  5. I was in Turkey when the biggest earthquake shook it in 1999, my Art degree show was based on this experience, to see an example of one of the exhibited pieces please click here.

Now you are it!

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Just like the game ‘tag’ played in schools; once tagged another person(s) need to be tagged so you can be set free…  Therefore, I tag you, you and you (it’s great to know you -just want to get to know y’all better 😉 ):  Pamela V Mason, Cari and Rance Denton <— Check out their blogs too; they are cool fab writer-type people. 😀

Upcoming Plans & Schedule Well, that’s all for today, I shall be back on Saturday with ‘Saturday’s Showcase Sketches’ until then stay safe, happy and try to do a good deed each day (It’ll make you feel that much better -that warm glow in your heart will just shine 🙂 ).

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As you already know, thoughts and comments are encouraged as always -even if it is just a word -as ‘all good discussions start with just one word’.


Pdf document:   Tagged from Me to You

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Care to join me for some collaborative work or want to be a guest blogger?  If so, email me at the above address.

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