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First Draft: Becoming - Mystical Realisations

12,666 of 50,000 Words (24%) complete

First Draft: Moon of Change

2,562 of 11,000 Words (18%) complete

Round 3 Goals

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Challenge Taken: Moon of Change – The Prologue & Epilogue

Whimsical Wednesday Writings:  A challenge is a challenge, so I thought; since I love tormenting myself -why not do it in style!  What you delve into now will be a little fun, experimental piece I decided to embark on.  I also concluded it would be fab to combine four/five challenges (five; purely for the fact that, I have continued with the idea from the last flash fiction challenge I took on by Ken Broad; see:  Moon of Change); yep I do have my moments of insanity!  Let’s see if you love or hate what you are about to read.

Before we get going, I want to have a quiet word with the challengers:  Billie Jo, I really struggled with the Summer Solstice theme 🙁 -I think I need to research into it some more -thanks for brain hurting exercise! 😀 . Sonia, ermmm…  I worry if I have fallen under the cliché radar…  *looks up to the sky*  -well, I guess the style is not a typical cliché, is it?  Haley, I am secretly hoping I am safe with your challenge this month -I think I got it all; unless my clear beginning, middle and end is dubious.  Ken, I know I did well last time round 🙂 So I wonder what you make of the additions to the story.  As for me; I think I managed ok with the task; now it is all over to you lovely readers, it’s time to cast your vote.

(As always, there is a pdf document at the bottom of the post for those who may find this a difficult read.)

The challengers and challenges were as thus:

  1. Billie Jo Woods‘ rules are: Write a flash fiction piece of 500 words or less in any genre you like but somehow work in the theme, which is Summer Solstice. Be creative and have fun. The deadline is Saturday, July 2nd.
  2. Sonia G. Medeiros‘ rules are:  This month’s challenge it to write a piece of flash fiction in 500 words or less containing at least one mythical or fairytale creature (or being). It can be any genre you like. In fact, it would be interesting to see stories that aren’t overtly fantasy. Maybe even some comedy.
  3. Haley Whitehall‘ rules are:  a) you must start your story with the body language cue: She drummed her fingers on her thigh and shot the kind of look that would start a fire.  b) The story must be 500 words or less.  c) Your story needs to have a clear beginning, middle and end. The challenge ends July 1st.
  4. Ken Broad‘ rules are:  Ken chose Three visual prompts; our task was to be inspired by one or all and write a story within 500 words (if possible -if not we were granted to have fun with it -so I did!).
  5. Me!  Me!  Me!  My rules are:  I think it would be easier to go over to the post.  If you are being lazy to click 😛 let me briefly say; three prompts were provided: a painting, two lines of poetry and an art movement.  You can choose any of the given prompts -or if you are brave and up to a challenge then use all three prompts!  The choice is yours.  Word count will be limited to 500-1000 (if it is slightly less or more I will not quibble).  Artists, Poets and Writers are welcome to join in with the medium they prefer.  Challenge ends: midnight GMT 4th July 2011.

Note:  I will provide a link to the actual body of the story (Moon of Change) where it fits in (keep an eye out for it); should you prefer to read it later that is fine too as this still reads well as a stand-alone piece.  Before I forget -the chosen image(s) will be displayed in appropriate places as the story develops.

For the ever so inquisitive, the word count is: 498, with the titles it is: 508 -Enjoy!



She drummed her fingers on her thigh and shot the kind of look that would start a fire.

Where is he!  She fumed.

He was running late; this was unusual for him, punctuality was Gethin’ thing.  Isolde stood up and started to pace across her bedroom, then, when she could not wait any longer, she anxiously stepped out onto the balcony.  Time seemed to not be on her side; the hard rain fell down in pelts; soaking her as the thunderous lightning roared; then the full moon beamed through the clouds with its entire pallor glow –almost taunting her –no it was taunting her!  Rage enwrapped her; her will -to not succumb to the magic, was weak; each month her resolve weakened, she could not wait anymore.  Subconsciously, she relished the moment she sighted the moon; they danced together with an intense fervour; entranced by its luminosity, Isolde swirled like a dervish; her skin became laced in silvery scales; her nails expanded into huge dinosaur claws; her shoulders sprouted majestic reptile wings; she swirled into flight towards a realm, she had once been in.

Visions flew past, fast as she gasped

Hues of blue, evocatively new

Rainbow colours, lilies, rose

A bouquet from a moment old

Flight took part; they depart

Spells abound; twined in time

Casts a shadow; darkens minds

Once a lover, now divine

Isolde spies; finds Mark’ eyes

Gaze locked; glistened guise

Thoughts; back to a kiss

Tenderness; glides, full bliss

Captivate; in air, they fly

Lightning jolts; encase her sides.

Marc Chagall, Bouquet with Flying Lovers – Sourced from

Moon of Change


I blinked with uncertainty as the time neared; the cold wintery months now behind us; the humid weather setting in.  We waited patiently for this moment; my Isolde; whom Tristan inadvertently slew; lay slumped within Stonehenge’s great arc; the spell I cast; mismatched –as I; set us on a perilous task.

Winters’ mask;

hit us hard;

our hopes now lay with,

Summers’ Solstice promise.

The rituals set;

potions ready;

my last hope spell sits with me.

Tears silently cascade down my cheeks as I wait –I did not want to leave anything to chance, this is the last time to rectify our mistakes; our spells alongside the approaching rites of summer, is our only hope; we must succeed.

Tristan lost his brash demeanour the moment Isolde’ electric cage electrocuted her.  His silence kills the air he walks in.  My futile attempt at the bubble spell was even worse; I uttered the words; the bubble formed bigger than I anticipated; it took in Isolde, Tristan and me; set us back to where the curse was cast; to wherein we stand; the magicians circle; a place for the great Merlin –not me!  –He would know how to make this right; but my loves fate now rested on me; so we wait in trust; we hope the vow of life, fertility and abundance brings back the joy that was once within me.  Isolde my love, I failed you once, twice –I refuse to fail you thrice.

Copyright © Ozlem Yikici 2011 & Copyright © doodllz™ 2011. All Rights Reserved.


I may have to work on it a little bit more; having read it again, I think it needs a bit of work; I’ll come back to it at some point.  Nevertheless, I think it works to an extent(ish).

I’d be intrigued to know what you think of this attempt; does it work as a whole or is it confusing?  What are your thoughts, please share with us -even if it is just a word -as all good discussions start with just one word.

pdf document:  Moon of Change -The Prologue & The Epilogue

pdf document:  Challenge Taken – Moon of Change

Deniz Tesettür Mayo

Haşema Tesettür Mayo

About the author: Creative from the word go, an artist at heart – writer, poet, photographer, blogger... I am currently working on my first novel Becoming – Mystical Realisations and I have also started some research for my novella (currently does not have a title). Read more from this author

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